Delivering Excellence in Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics

Using a wide variety of healthcare data sources, including electronic health records, BHE undertakes cutting edge research to evaluate healthcare interventions, treatment strategies, and medical costs. Research results are used to identify opportunities to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs of care.

We have expertise with a wide spectrum of healthcare databases

  • Claims
  • EMR
  • Linked
  • Specialized
  • National Surveys
  • And More

Simulation Models

BHE develops a wide range of simulation models to help better understand the epidemiology, treatment, outcomes, and costs of various medical conditions and health management strategies. A variety of methodologies are employed that allow for simple models aimed at business audiences to complex, dynamic models that forecast the lifetime cost of disease.

BHE's simulation models help clients analyze a range of scenarios and objectives.

  • Economic
  • Epidemiologic
  • Payer
  • Health Policy

Primary Research

BHE designs and implements research studies that leverage primary data collected directly from patients to explore patient-centered outcomes, such as health status, quality of life, satisfaction with care, and work productivity. These data are usually collected as part of clinical trials, prospective observational studies, or disease management programs.

Impactful Results

Published studies to share with the broader healthcare community

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