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The Value Proposition


BHE brings a keen understanding of how to gain insights from analytics across all healthcare segments from life sciences organizations to provider groups and payers.


Our IHD platform enables organizations to perform rapid analysis across disparate data sets. What used to take weeks to months can now be done in hours or days. IHD’s development was driven by our services practice and we use the platform today in our analytic services engagements. BHE implements HIPAA’s policies and procedures and hosts IHD as a SaaS solution.


BHE is at the forefront of the market, utilizing new and emerging data sources. We have deep experience with the majority of real-world healthcare datasets available today. BHE is continuously learning new databases that can provide answers.

Features & Benefits

Multiple Data Sets

IHD’s common data model allows many different types of datasets to be analyzed. It was built from the ground up to satisfy the performance and adaptability requirements of our users.

Rapid Insights

Complex analytics projects with hundreds of variables can be run quickly against millions of patients and billions of records, enabling higher productivity and faster decision-making cycles. Our proprietary hardware and software solution leverages the latest distributed computing technologies, providing enormous leaps in efficiency.

Dynamic Collaboration

Brainstorming and ‘what if’ scenarios become highly interactive and collaborative with IHD at your fingertips. With the ability to quickly build and run queries and sophisticated projects, groups can work together to generate new insights.

Efficient Workflow

Agile analytics is made possible through IHD. Agile processes save organizations time and money, providing a competitive edge.

Intuitive Interface

IHD’s modular user interface has many key concepts that are applied throughout the application, making it easier for the user to learn and faster for BHE to build new and exciting features. Programming time is drastically reduced so analysts can spend their time thinking rather than typing.

Extra Support

Clients have access to BHE’s research and technical experts, providing guidance, training and day-to-day support. We’ll guide you in generating fast, meaningful, and economical insights from IHD and ensure you meet the needs of your internal and external stakeholders.

Thorough Data Analysis at Record Speed

A pharmaceutical company used IHD for analysis to meet a pressing conference deadline

Analysts are often under pressure to quickly deliver results, lacking sufficient time to design and implement research and analysis. IHD enables rapid data analysis that cuts research time down to hours instead of days or weeks.

A Northeast Pharmaceutical company’s Health Outcomes division needed to build a new study to evaluate treatment adherence and outcomes for patients with neurologic disorders quickly in order to meet an imminent conference deadline.

Using IHD and leveraging BHE’s team of experts, the client was able to design and complete the analysis within two hours, and the abstract was delivered within one week.

Complex Data Analysis without Programming Expertise

BHE helped train a non-programmer to conduct sophisticated analysis with IHD

Many organizations don’t have readily available access to programmers, but most complex analyses require programming expertise. IHD’s easy-to-use interface allows non-programmers to quickly learn to use the platform and conduct sophisticated data analysis.

A pharmaceutical client needed to conduct complex analyses using their licensed data but did not have access to a programmer. In just a few hours, the BHE team trained a non-programmer on the client’s team to use the IHD platform.

The client was able to cost-effectively staff their team, completing the project in house versus needing to outsource.

Generating New Insights through Real-Time Collaboration

An academic medical center used IHD to collaboratively brainstorm new ideas

Traditional analysis of large, complex data sets requires a lengthy process for analyzing the data and getting it to a usable state. IHD’s ability to rapidly process, organize and display the data enables analysts to efficiently build analyses and make these available to entire teams to enable robust, collaborative idea generation.

The client, an academic medical center, wanted to better understand the predictors of hospital re-admission for Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Using IHD, the team was able to review research results, brainstorm, and then refine their research—all with extreme efficiency.

The client was able to generate solutions they may not have conceived of otherwise, and they cut the time spent on the project from their anticipated two weeks down to fifteen hours.

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